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Retail Security and Loss Prevention
Officers conduct surveillance to detect and apprehend shoplifters, recover assets and/or make safe apprehension. Officers prepare prompt and complete reports relative to all theft incidents, and merchandise recoveries. Officers will testify in court concerning any criminal or civil case. 

Factory Security
Officers perform security patrols of designated areas on foot or in a vehicle, watches for irregular or unusual conditions that may create security concerns or safety hazards. Officers will also evacuate the building and call the police or fire department in case of an emergency. Officers investigate and prepare reports on accidents, incidents, and suspicious activities

High Rise Buildings
Officers controls access to client site or facility through admittance process, assist visitor with legitimate need to gain entry to the facility

Public and Private School Security
Officers ensure the safety of the public on the school grounds, parking and surrounding areas. Officer works with other school staff to ensure sufficient level of supervision coverage in all areas of the school.

Armed Officers
Highly trained officers and licensed by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations. Officers have completed at least 40 hours of armed security training in a state approved facility.

Unarmed Officers
Highly trained officers and licensed by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations. Officers have completed at least 20 hours of unarmed security training in a state approved facility.

Off-duty Police Officers
Off -duty police officers as requested

Special Events
One time or recurring events that require a large number of officers for a short period of time.

Concealed carry classes

Qualify for the State Concealed Carry permit and have the confidence and preparation for the responsibility of carrying a concealed weapon in approved establishments within the State of Illinois

Foot Patrol
Officers cover the perimeter of an area on foot to ensure the effective protection of a property.

Vehicle Patrol
Patrol units are fully marked vehicles covering a wide-range area and are used for quick response. Neighborhood and Residential patrol services. 

Executive Protection
Individual high-level and confidential security protection service. Provides secure tactical driving services.

ASP Tactical
ASP tactical baton and handcuff training will be held once a month, Call to make reservations for the next class.

Bicycle Patrol
Officers patrol highly congested areas, off-road terrain and other areas unsuited for conventional patrol units to enhance crime prevention.

Labor Disputes
Officers consist of professional, disciplined and highly trained individuals with extensive law enforcement or military experience trained for any labor disputes or strike.  

Crowd Control
Management of crowd flow, traffic control and emergency response.

Traffic Control
Officers re-direct traffic, assist in keeping intersections clear and assist the flow of pedestrians.

Construction Site Security
A site security plan that monitors all access points, monitors all the equipment on site and creates an access control log.